Video Analysis Stroke Correction

Video analysis is a fantastic investment to make in your swimming. With an overhead shot you can see if your scissor kick is caused by your arms crossing over the centre line; the side shot might show you leaning heavily on the lead arm causing your legs to sink; and the head-on shot may show you pushing the water out to the side rather than behind you.

Our analysis works on the basis of cause and effect. We look at the root cause to fix a fault not just the fault itself. We use videos of elite swimmers and drill down into specific areas to show you how to achieve an efficient technique.

We recognise that everyone is different so every coaching session is tailored to the individual. Understanding your swimming background and goals is as important to us as coaching technique and speed when it comes to helping you become a better swimmer.

Online Video Analysis

If you are unable to take part in an in-person swim video analysis there is the option of doing it online. You will need to record yourself swimming, ideally with views from the side (above and below water), the top (looking straight down on top of you) and from straight ahead (you swimming ‘into the camera’).

Load the video to WeTransfer or YouTube and then send the link to Emma who will record a detailed analysis and then send it back to you to download.

I have been part of Emma’s swim squad for about 18 months now and cannot believe how much I have progressed! I’ve coincided squad sessions with interim 1-2-1s and video analysis. This has kept my technique tweaked and my fitness levels optimum for open water racing. The variety in the squad sessions from pure technique where you can really hone in on drills, to endurance, CSS training and open water skills has given me an all round comprehensive training schedule.
I’m now pushing the boundaries with each event, increasing distances and feeling confident about doing so.  I’ve just completed the Dart 10K in a fantastic time; something I wouldn’t have thought possible 18 months ago.