Cold Water Dipping & Open Water skills

Our introductory session is ideal if you are a beginner and apprehensive about dipping or swimming in cold water but keen to try it! The session is 45 minutes long and begins with a 10 minute chat about the safety, risks and benefits of cold water swimming. You spend between 15 and 25 minutes in the water before getting out and dressed and revelling in your post-swim glow! The benefits of cold water immersion include significant increases in dopamine levels, a boost to circulation and a general improvement in overall wellbeing, hence the elation you see in people afterwards. Studies show that the consistent practise of swimming in cold waters significantly reduces tension, fatigue and pain.

You might already swim outdoors but are keen to improve your open water skills; or perhaps you’d like to learn how to do frontcrawl so you can take on more challenging outdoor swims. During a one hour 1-2-1 swim session we ask you to do a couple of lengths in the pool first so we can see how you swim. This helps us identify any stroke faults and inefficiencies. Then we show you drills that you can do on your own to help improve those areas. These sessions are intensive and suited to the competent swimmer.

If you are less confident or like to take things more slowly, you might prefer our six week adult frontcrawl course. This is a realistic amount of time for a beginner swimmer to build water confidence and learn the basic elements of frontcrawl – breathing, body position and alignment; rotation and arm recovery; catch and pull; kick technique. We finish the course by learning how to put all of these together with the right timing. We can move as quickly as you need and incorporate more advanced technique work such as stroke rate, timing and fitness training.

Super session this am! Still grinning 😁 Great intro to cold water swimming – how to prepare, what to expect when in, how to plan getting out, what not to do. Def hooked and looking forward to a lake swim Thank you Emma 😊
So pleased that I booked onto the beginners course, concerned on the frosty morning & the feeling of being in cold water, but I enjoyed it so much & felt amazing to try cold water whilst wearing a woolly hat! Thank you to Emma for supporting us & giving lots of reassurance on how to enter cold water. The Lido is run very well & friendly staff. 😁
Had a super time today, thanks Woburn Lido for running this and to Emma for her excellent coaching.