adult Freestyle Course

Beginners (1-2-1 and Group)

In this six week course we teach you how to breathe properly. This encourages water confidence and from there we can start building up your stroke. Learning to float helps you achieve the right body position and once your body is in alignment you can start using the hips to better rotate your body along the horizontal axis. Anchoring your lead arm out in front supports the rotation and keeps you from tipping too far over; and keeping your legs together and the kick consistent ensures your stroke continues to move forwards.

Improvers (1-2-1 and Group)

In this six week course we focus on ensuring you are getting the best out of your individual technique. Having a stroke rate that is too fast will mean you are slipping the water, having one that is too slow will result in a dead spot or glide in the stroke. We look at stroke length and help you get maximum distance per stroke without losing momentum. You might benefit from learning how to adapt your pool stroke for the open water by increasing your stroke rate so it becomes more rhythmical, holding the water for longer to improve your sighting technique. We also look at learning how to train – doing fitness and endurance sets are as important as technique in order to become a better, more efficient swimmer.

Before my first beginners lesson with Emma I could swim a length front crawl – but I was exhausted once I had reached the end of the pool and had to stop to catch my breath for a while. I couldn’t understand why as I run, cycle, play sports and have a good level of fitness. Emma examined my stroke and quickly worked out what was wrong (pretty much everything!). Over the ensuing weeks we did drills and I learnt how to swim front crawl properly. She is patient but demanding and really got the most out of me. A few of months after my lessons finished I went on to complete the Half Ironman in Weymouth – in no small part thanks to Emma!