For some time now GPs have been prescribing exercise and connection with the natural world as being beneficial to mind and soul – we are building on that with Wild Hebridean Swimming.

Emma has spent the last 10 years coaching people to swim, especially in open water, and has become increasingly passionate about the many social, psychological and physical benefits of participating in open water swimming and how to help people confront and overcome any anxieties they may have. She has coached thousands of people from complete beginners to age group triathletes and has already introduced many local people in Mull & Iona to open water swimming. 

Through Wild Hebridean Swimming she is expanding this to the elderly, who benefit from low impact exercise as well as social interaction with their peers and with younger generations. 

In addition women in their 40s and 50s get relief from many of the symptoms that go with perimenopause and menopause; and men have a safe natural environment where they feel at ease discussing mental health issues.

We have had several physiotherapists refer patients to us for cold water immersion and open water swimming, and we are engaging with local GPs and other healthcare professionals to widen awareness and encourage them to discuss the benefits with their elderly patients.